1 oz 100% Natural Beauty by Brazil Amazon Rainforest Exclusive Blend Anti Aging Beauty Serum. No Fillers, Concentrated, Pure. Vegan.

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100% Natural, Highly Concentrated "Beauty by Brazil" Amazon Rainforest Anti Aging Beauty Serum!

EVERY Ingredient is indigenous to The Amazon Rainforest and Provides Countless Benefits to the Skin! Absolutely NO fillers!

Designed with rich, pure, unrefined, fair trade, and wildcrafted ingredients; Just some are

Unrefined Wildcrafted Passion flower/fruit (Maracuja) Oil, Andiroba Oil, Buriti Oil, Organic Wildcrafted Murumuru Butter, Therapeutic Grade Copaiba Balsam, Pure Dragon's Blood Resin (Sangre de Drago), Organic Napal Cactus/Prickly Pear, Wildcrafted Pracaxi Oil, Wildcrafted Unrefined Brazil Nut Oil, Wildcrafted Fair Trade Unrefined & Rare Bacuri Butter, Organic Wildcrafted Camu Camu (highest natural source of PURE Vitamin C found in nature!), Wildcrafted Unrefined Cupuacu Butter, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), and the OUTSTANDING line up of pure ingredients continues!

(*Wildcrafted means the ingredient was grown and sustainably harvested in its natural, undisturbed habitat, with no pesticide use)

This serum is smooth, and absorbs quickly into the skin, creating a healthy dewy finish. It leaves this amazingly radiant glow just minutes after applying it, and only a few drops is needed per application. This formula is known to enhance skin tone and texture, combat the signs of aging, dry, dull, sun damaged skin and increasing the rate of cell turnover...naturally!


⭐️Pracaxi Oil
Native to the entire Amazon Region. It is cold pressed from the seeds without using any chemicals or solvents. Naturally antiseptic, and Imparts a smooth silky feel to skin. Works well with any skin type, and generally known to be useful for skin spots, severe acne and scarring, skin pigmentation issues, dry dull skin, wrinkles, aging skin, stretch marks, and to help hydrate and promote cellular renewal.

⭐️Cupuacu Butter
A touted superfruit native to the Amazon basin, this butter is cold pressed from the fruit seeds of a tropical rainforest tree related to Cacao. Similar to Cocoa Butter, but has a creamier consistency and is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores like cocoa butter can). Due to its essential fatty acids and phytosterols, it enhances skins elasticity & moisture content by helping aging, dry and sun damaged skin absorb water easier. It is also known in the Amazon to offer natural protection from both UVA and UVB rays, and contains wonderful anti aging properties, as well as being beneficial for eczema, and dermatitis. Helps Reduce TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss) in the Skin.

⭐️Murumuru butter
Sustainable and Native to the Amazon Rainforest . Contains unique essential fatty acid chains, and Provitamin A. Helps restore elasticity to sun damaged, aging skin being rich in lauric, myristic and oleic acids. Murumuru butter is a highly nourishing emollient and moisturizer, and helps the skin recover its natural moisture and elasticity. Murumuru is a powerful barrier agent and intense moisturizer. As an excellent emollient it helps the skin retain water by creating a protective barrier. Known to be soothing on cracked skin and those prone to eczema and psoriasis.

⭐️Prickly Pear/Napal Cactus
Moisturizing, Renewing, and Revitalizing. Known to protect the skin against premature aging. Firms, tightens, and generally known to be highly beneficial to prematurely aging skin and wrinkles. Assists with a healthy glowing complexion, and reduction of under eye darkness. Highly saught after for dry, rough and aging skin types. Free radical scavenger; extremely potent as an strong antioxidant, fighting the signs of oxidative stress. Shown to provide slight lifting and toning to the skin with daily use. Contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids, naturally occuring vitamin e and linoleic acid, and is fast absorbing.

⭐️Dragons Blood (Sangre de Drago) Resin
Is a red sap from the Croton lechleri tree native to the Amazon Rainforest, and has been used by the local tribes since the early 1600's, it defends the skin against oxidative free radicals, and generally thought to reverse the signs of aging. Known to benefit acne prone skin. Naturally strong anti inflammatory actions, a powerful antioxidant, natural astringent - making pores appear smaller. There is such a wealth of information circulating the internet that I couldn't list every known and studied benefit of this amazing resin...so please research further if desired.


Every carefully selected premium ingredient in this serum is

100% Natural
Vegan Friendly
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Chemical Free
No Fillers
No Parabens
No Alcohol
No Artificial Preservatives
NOTHING Synthetic!

How is it Packaged?

Arriving in a Labeled Serum Box. 1 oz Amber Glass Bottle to protect the integrity of the ingredients in this serum. A little will go a long way, and should last the user months with daily use!

Measured by volume, not weight


⭐️ NEW PACKAGING INCLUDES A BLACK LUXURY TREATMENT PUMP (It's no longer orange, as pictured)


Product listing description is for informational purposes only, and is not evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not intended to be used other than for stated purpose. Not intended to treat, cure, prevent any disease, or illness. This is 100% Natural with therapeutic grade pure and undiluted essential oils, so please check with your health care provider prior to beginning this or any other natural product, to verify that it may not interfere with any medications, conditions, or otherwise.

Do Not Ingest! Even though this product is 100% natural, you should NEVER ingest these mixed ingredients or essential oils, they are for EXTERNAL use ONLY!

Keep out of reach of children & pets



"You know, ever since I found Earth's Own products, I knew deep down that they were extremely unique and special. After I requested the Everlasting Superfruit line and it was created in the exact image I had in my mind, I realized that there really was something amazing to this one-woman powerhouse of holistic body care.

Now, Earth's Own has come out with a new serum so extraordinary and exemplary that I think she has outdone herself. The "Beauty By Brazil" Amazon Rainforest serum is among the most fantastic, incredible, and extreme skin products I have ever used, and I'm only in my early thirties.
The serum contains some of the rarest and most powerful rainforest extracts currently known. For example, copaiba oil is one of the strongest healing oils I can think of. And when combined with the wonderful, aptly-named dragon's blood resin, it can probably serve as the best beautifying healer around. But there are still more oils, and it's so much fun! Andiroba and pracaxi oils rank high on the medicinal botanical list, and then it's all combined with vitamins, plant butters, flower oils, UV-filtering oils... I mean, wow. I mean, WOW.

For example, I have multiple types of scars, eczema, severe dry skin that needs constant hydration, and blemishes all over my body that are very sensitive to touch. After using the serum for a little over a week, I can say that the eczema, dry skin, and majority of blemishes responded extremely well. I have keloid scars on my ankles, abdomen, and chest from when I was a preemie newborn poked with IV needles and tape that left behind severe scarring. Despite the fact that these scars are over thirty years old, some of them have actually begun to slowly, slowly get smoother and softer. Some of those scars are raised and painful and require constant massage, which believe me, is painful on its own. Now, the Brazil serum contains several oils that have been shown to work as mild topical pain relievers, such as andiroba, copaiba, dragon's blood, pracaxi, and passionfruit. This is absolutely true for me and my scars. Massaging the serum into my scars does hurt because of that sensitive skin, but after a while, the pain disappears, and I can continue to massage my skin as deeply as I can without flinching. This is really awesome, because it is so difficult for me to massage my own sensitive skin without pain!

I really do believe all these things because I have done my own independent research. And for me, the "Beauty By Brazil" serum really, truly works as an anti-aging, anti-blemish, smoothing, brightening, beautifying, healing, tone-enhancing, nourishing product that I feel rises above all those commercial products supposedly promoted by celebrities and doctors. I think this serum can work with every skin type and every skin problem, no matter how old you are, no matter what your concern is. I swear it helps me in a medicinal way, not just in a beautifying way.

That's part of what seems to make it so unique and special and amazing. I really hope the majority of my scars can fade even more, and I really think the "Beauty By Brazil" serum will help me. In fact, as I am writing this very honest review, I am starting to cry just a little, because I thought I might need surgical scar removal. But now I don't think that will be necessary, and that is truly spectacular."
~J. C. Paul





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